The Mobility Team is one of 11 research teams at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network. Our vision is for all people to be able to move around their environments safely, independently, and as they need to to participate in the activities they want to do. We improve safe independent functional mobility for all people whose mobility has been negatively impacted by aging, injury, or disease, and prevent loss of mobility in healthy people, by conducting high-quality research and applying the results of this research to practice through close collaboration with front-line clinicians and decision makers.

Our research activities focus on four areas:

  1. Advancing our understanding of the barriers and facilitators to safe independent mobility;
  2. Developing and evaluating new clinical assessment tools;
  3. Developing and evaluating interventions to facilitate optimal recovery of function and remediate barriers to safe independent mobility; and
  4. Implementing clinically meaningful assessments and successful interventions into clinical practice.




Training reactive balance control in stroke patients to prevent future falls: